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Proactive facilities managers tend to be voracious readers and learners. They stay up on trends in their industry as well as news from other relevant industries.

One such world is commercial real estate. The consultants, reporters and salespeople working with commercial real estate are typically at the leading edge of news and trends in the built environment.

Below are 49 CRE experts from around the world who regularly share those same insights on Twitter. Follow any or all of the people and organizations below to tap into valuable industry intelligence.

  1. Adam Pincus, @adamwpincus
  2. Annabel Dixon, @AnnabelCEDixon
  3. Anne Ashworth, @AnneAshworth
  4. Asieh Mansour, @asiehmansourcre
  5. Barbi Reuter, @BarbiReuter
  6. Ben Johnson, @bjohn9
  7. Benjamin Bach, @benjaminbach
  8. Beth Anne Grib, @BCCommercial
  9. Bill Vogel, @BillVogelCRE
  10. Brian Fleming, @BrianFlemingCRE
  11. Brian McCririe, @brianmccririe
  12. Bryan Koop, @koop_bjk
  13. CBRE Chicago, @cbrechicago
  14. CCIM Institute, @ccim
  15. CommercialRE, @CRE_RR
  16. CRE Radio & TV, @CREradio
  17. Daniel Geiger, @dangeiger79
  18. David Levitt, @dmlevitt
  19. David Roberts, @DavidRobertsCRE
  20. Duke Long, @dukelong
  21. Eliot Brown, @eliotwb
  22. ICSC, @ICSC
  23. Jaana Remes, @jaanaremes
  24. James Roberts, @kf_jamesroberts
  25. Jay Rickey, @JayRickey
  26. JLL Research, @JLLResearch
  27. John Sikaitis, @johnsikaitis
  28. Josh Riley, @SocialCRE
  29. Kara Wetzel, @KaraWetzel
  30. Keiko Morris, @KeikoMorris
  31. Lisa Prats, @LisaPratsBOMA
  32. Marcus & Milichap, @MMREIS
  33. Michael Phillips, @mrmikephillips
  34. Neil Blake, @NeilBlake123
  35. New England Real Estate Journal, @NEREJ
  36. Nikki Beauchamp, @NikkiBeauchamp
  37. Nils Kok, @nilskok
  38. PERE, @PEREonline
  39. Peter Bill, @peterproperty
  40. Peter Grant, @PeterGrantwsj
  41. Peter Linneman, @P_Linneman
  42. Raymond Torto, @raymondtortophd
  43. Samantha McClary, @samanthamcclary
  44. Stephanie Dhue, @StephanieDhue
  45. Susan Freeman, @Propertyshe
  46. The Tenant Advisor, @CoyDavidsonCRE
  47. Tracy Weir, @tracyweir
  48. Troy Corman, @troycorman
  49. WomenCRE, @WomenCRE


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